The Theory of Sociobiology: The New Synthesis

The theory of sociobiology is a highly debatable theory. The harbinger for this theory is a biologist by the name of E.O. Wilson. He wrote a book titled Sociobiology: The New Synthesis. The definition of sociobiology is the study of social behavior in animals with much focus on how evolution has affected these behaviors. Sexual behavior is a form of social behavior and in regards to sociobiology, what counts in evolution is the amount of healthy offspring produced to keep the population stable and strong.

How do we as humans choose mates? The majority of us, whether we admit it or not, are initially attracted to the opposite sex because of how they look. We all have certain things we like for example, butt or boobs. Sociobiologists believe this is indicative of our search for the health and vigor of the individual. If the person is in shape then they must be healthy and therefore can produce flourishing offspring. Sociobiologists claim like other animals, our main goal is to reproduce.


The human species, like many other animals, usually has a dating process before the marriage and reproduction. Sociobiologists claim this is much like the courtship rituals of other species. We want to go on dates to apprise the others physical fitness and future long term potential. Flamingos, for example, puff up their feathers and hold their heads high while they slowly strut around during their courtship ritual to show how healthy they are. When a man spends money on dates it is showing that he can support the family.

Sociobiologists believe once a couple is married their main concern falls primarily to their children. The couple has to first overcome the obstacles that are present during pregnancy and delivery. Then they must concentrate on forming a bond with the child and attach themselves emotionally so they can help their offspring through everything. The couple’s marriage may become strained because of their constant primary absorption of the offsprings survival.

Sociobiology is controversial largely for the fact that it claims rape is a product of evolutionary selection. If a male tries the courtship route and\or even pays for the sex with deep down hopes of producing offspring and does not succeed then his only other evolutionary option is by force. Of course, this doesn’t explain homosexual rapes or homosexuality in general.

Sociobiologists claim the central function of sex is to reproduce. This has to be an outdated theory because there are many couples who use some form of contraception so as not to reproduce but still enjoy sexual activities. You can find here read more information buy research papers


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